A Guide To Safe & Effective Bee Removal In San Diego

Bees & The Role They Play In Our Ecosystem

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Bee problems can arise in a few different ways. You may have bees appearing inside your home. You may notice big, fat bees around your back deck. You, or someone in your home, may have had an encounter with a swarm of bees in your yard.

You may have only heard bees buzzing inside a wall but have not yet had an encounter. No matter how bee problems arise, they are dealt with in the same way. Join us as we look at bee pest control in San Diego and break down a few facts every resident should know about bee removal.

All bee species assist with pollination, playing an important role in our ecosystem. Due to this important role, certain bee species are protected by law. Before you consider addressing bees, you need to find out what bee species you're dealing with in your yard. A licensed pest control provider can help you with bee identification. If you're in San Diego, reach out to Habitat Protection Inc.

Why A Bee Infestation Can Cause Problems Around Your Yard

The most obvious reason to control bees is that they present a stinging hazard. If you go into your yard and disturb a beehive, those insects can swarm you and leave many wounds on your skin. If you are allergic to insect venom, there is a potential for serious symptoms to develop.

Carpenter bees present a different issue. If you have big, fuzzy bees buzzing around your back deck, they're likely to be carpenter bees. Carpenter bees have black, shiny, visibly hairless abdomens. There is good news and bad news with this bee species. Carpenter bees are solitary insects and are not going to swarm you. The bad news is that these insects tunnel into wood and are probably damaging your property if they're hanging out in your yard.

Contact The Professionals For Safe & Effective Bee Removal

If you've come here looking to learn how to control bees in your backyard, we have several tips to share with you in the next section. If you've come here wondering how to remove a beehive, our recommendation is to get professional bee pest control near you. Not only will a professional properly identify the bees that are being removed and follow appropriate protocols, but they will also use a field-tested strategy to make sure things don't get out of hand.

DIY bee control can result in many unintended, and undesirable, consequences. A licensed service provider will deal with your bee problem with a step-by-step process and use specialized gear to get this often complicated job done right.

Once your bee problem has been resolved (or long before you have a bee problem) there are many ways you can work to prevent bees from creating a problem for you. Here's how to control bees in your yard.

  • Address food sources. We don't have to tell you that bees are attracted to yards that have lots of flowers, but you may not have noticed a link between lawn weeds and bee activity. If your yard has lots of little flowery weeds, you're going to invite a bee or wasp problem. Lawn care and weed control are natural deterrents for stinging insects. You can do this work yourself or hire a professional.
  • Address water sources. Bees are drawn to properties that provide a water source. If you clean your gutters and make repairs, it will go a long way toward reducing bee activity around your home. We also recommend removing objects from your yard that act as containers for rainwater.
  • Paint wood. Unpainted wood is often a target for carpenter bees. Sometimes all that is required to deter carpenter bees is a coat of paint.
  • Apply metal flashing. Carpenter bees can get into wood by way of the ends. If necessary, apply metal flashing to keep these bees out.
  • Seal potential entry points. Bees get into voids and create hives. Make sure that all of the structures on your property are sealed as tightly as possible. A caulking gun is a great tool for this job.

If you take the time to take these steps, you should have no more trouble with bees on your property or inside your home. This may be enough bee control to bring bee problems well below your threshold of comfort. If not, you can reach out to us here at Habitat Protection Inc. for year-round residential pest control.

The perimeter pest control we provide our residential customers is effective for deterring bees and catching bee problems early. We would love the opportunity to speak with you about all of the many benefits of having active pest management around your home. Connect with us today.

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