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Effective Bird Control & Exclusion For Ultimate Protection

In the San Diego area, you're sure to notice various wild birds flying around. At first, you may not think much about them since most people rarely think of birds as a nuisance or worse.

However, pest birds in San Diego can quickly become a problem if they're nesting or landing on your property all the time, and why our certified technicians are standing by to help you protect your home or business from the dangers pest birds pose.

We provide effective bird control and exclusion services you can count on to remain pest bird-free! You never have to worry about the wildlife taking over your property with us.

Why Bird Isn't The Word You Want To Hear

bird spikes on a building

Most birds are pretty and prefer to stay far away from humans unless domesticated. However, some birds are considered pests for good reason. The most common examples in the San Diego area are:

  • Pigeons
  • Seagulls
  • Swallows

These birds cause a wide range of problems that affect your health and even the health of your home or building. Some things to watch out for with pest birds are:

  • Bird droppings: Their feces are acidic and will erode building materials. In addition, the droppings also contain transmittable diseases and ectoparasites. For these reasons, financial costs are high to clean up after their mess.
  • Surface and food contamination: You can count on surfaces and foods becoming contaminated if they get inside and nest, whether in your attic or your warehouse.
  • Drain and gutter clogs: Most nests near drains or gutter systems lead to clogs and potential fire hazards.
  • Desire to stay put: The longer birds remain in their nests or around your property, the harder it is to make them leave and stay away.

If you have birds on your property, it's important to take immediate action to eliminate them safely and effectively. Doing so can potentially keep everyone healthier and save you time and money down the road.

If you're ready for birds to be gone from your home, contact Habitat Protection today to schedule your free quote and become bird-free with effective home pest control and commercial pest control programs!

How To Prevent Bird Infestations

Before birds have a chance to make your home their home, it's best to practice bird prevention. Some handy prevention tips to consider implementing include but aren't limited to:

  • Eliminate potential food sources.
  • Eliminate access to water sources.
  • Remove nesting site access where possible.
  • Keep trash in a trash can that's sealed with a lid.
  • Consider using scare tactics like loud noises from chimes or something similar.

If pest birds keep coming back despite your best efforts, don't hesitate to bring in professional help. Our certified technicians have the training to effectively remove pest birds from your property and keep them away. Contact us today to get started!

Our Bird Control Process In San Diego

At Habitat Protection, we don't believe you should have to deal with pest birds a moment longer than necessary, so we provide bird control and exclusion services you can count on to deliver the results you need.

To accomplish this, we begin with a comprehensive inspection of your property to determine the extent of your infestation. In addition, we'll check for the hot spots where birds usually live to better target our efforts.

Once we've finished our inspection, we'll get to work on removing them from the premises. Some of the tactics and devices we may use include but aren't limited to:

  • Bird netting
  • Bird spikes
  • Bird repellents
  • Scare devices

Besides assisting you with your existing infestation, we will also perform exclusion methods and more, such as:

  • Habitat modification
  • Sealing all entry points
  • Decontamination and waste removal

With a combination of bird control and exclusion work, a bird-free property is within your grasp. Contact Habitat Protection today to schedule your free quote. We offer pest control programs in Carlsbad, Escondido, and all throughout the greater San Diego area, and we'll have you bird-free fast!

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