Are You Struggling With Indoor Spiders In Your San Diego Residence?

black widow spider in a nest

Eight-legged bugs crawling and hanging on walls or ceilings can be unnerving for most homeowners. Spiders play a critical role in San Diego pest control, keeping bug populations low by feeding on the insects. 

While they aren’t interested in harming humans, the web-spinning critters can become a nuisance when they invade your indoors. 

The Types Of Spiders You May Find In Your Home

There are over 45,000 known species of these arachnids globally, present in all continents except Antarctica. Here are some of the common types of spiders you may find in San Diego. 

  • Black Widow Spider: This arachnid is arguably the most famous kind. It's known for its ferocity. Females tend to eat their mates, with most experts considering them the most venomous spiders in the U.S. Black widow spiders have a black body with a red hourglass figure on their underside. Adult females are about 1.5 inches in length, with males approximately half the size. Venom from the black widow’s bite attacks the nervous system causing serious medical problems. 
  • Desert Recluse Spider: The desert recluse is a nocturnal arachnid that lives under rocks. The spider is approximately half-inch in size, with a leg span of two inches. Male and female spiders are roughly the same size. The desert recluse has a yellowish tan color, with some being dark brown. The spider can bite when disturbed, with the venom eating away at your tissue. 
  • Brown Widow Spider: The brown widow is closely related to the black widow, with an orange hourglass shape on its underside instead of red. The spider has a molten tan to brownish appearance with shades of grey. Brown widows are easily identifiable through their spiked eggs sacs, differentiating them from their black cousins whose egg sacs are smooth and rounded. 
  • Common House Spider: The common house spiders are nuisance pests adapted to living indoors. A mature female is approximately 5/16 inches, while males are smaller in size at 3/16 inches. The spiders are yellowish-brown, with an off-white striped abdomen. The pest creates large tangled webs inside the house to trap bugs.

The black widow, desert recluse, and brown widow spiders are venomous, and you need to be wary of spider bites. If you spot these spiders, you better call pest control in San Diego. 

What It Means If You See Spiders In Your Home

Spider season seems to fall in autumn when most homeowners start spotting the bugs in their houses. Autumn coincides with the spider’s mating season, and the spiders in your home may be out and about searching for a mate. 

Clutter attracts bugs into your home—and wherever there are high numbers of insects, there are bound to be hungry spiders waiting. A spider infestation may mean a lack of spider control measures for your property. 

Easy & Effective Spider Prevention Tips For San Diego Homes

The best way to stop a spider invasion is to prevent the eight-legged critters from scuttling into your home. Give a try some of these prevention tips. 

  • Caulk any gaps or cracks within your walls
  • Inspect and repair any holes in your vent screens
  • Use essential oils spiders hate to drive them out of your home
  • Establish a pest management program with a professional exterminator
  • Remove any spider cobwebs or nests inside your home
  • Weather-proof windows and doors to keep bugs out

While it’s nearly impossible to keep all spiders out, the methods above can prevent an outright infestation of your San Diego home. Contact local pest control for additional help with getting rid of any spiders in your home.

The Most Effective Spider Control For San Diego Homes

Dealing with venomous spiders can be scary. Professional pest control services can get rid of the bugs for you without risking your safety. 

Habitat Protection can send trained professionals to your household for an inspection and develop a tailored plan to counter the infestation. 

Call us today to learn more about our pest eradication protocols. 


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