Fleas In San Diego Can Quickly Become Unmanagable

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Pest control in San Diego is essential for homeowners and business owners alike. While there are many pests that residents have to deal with here, the one that is quickly becoming unmanageable is the fleas. Unfortunately, fleas are extremely easy to pick up and bring home, meaning everyone is at risk of an infestation. Not only are they an incredible nuisance, but they are also nearly impossible to get rid of on your own. At Habitat Protection Inc, our expert technicians specialize in identifying, exterminating, and preventing flea infestations. Read on to learn more about how an infestation starts, and how Habitat Protection Inc can help you be flea-free today!

Help! My Pet Keeps Getting Fleas

One of the most common ways fleas get inside your home is because of pets. In fact, the most common way a flea infestation starts is because pets brought them home. Below are some ways you can try to prevent your pets from carrying fleas:

  • Seek veterinary care: Your local veterinarian team will have the best recommendations for flea preventative that is not only safe for your beloved pets but also deadly to the fleas, therefore reducing the risk of them bringing fleas home.
  • Bathe your pet regularly: Good grooming is an excellent form of flea control. By regularly grooming your pets with flea combs and giving them a flea bath, you can spot a potential flea infestation much faster and keep it from spreading, and your pet will love the attention!
  • Wash pet bedding: In addition to giving your pet a regular flea bath, regularly wash your pet’s bedding in hot water, as this will kill any fleas hiding in the fabric.

If your pet is chronically getting fleas, you must seek out assistance from a veterinarian. While your pet’s medical team is evaluating that situation, the team at Habitat Protection, Inc will get to work exterminating the existing infestation in your home. Call us for help today!

Pets Can Be A Catalyst To Flea Infestations

Our pets are sociable creatures. If your dog or cat spends lots of time outdoors, it really is only a matter of time before they bring fleas home. Pets become exposed to fleas through other neighborhood pets, stray animals, and wildlife. The more time your pet spends outside unsupervised, the more likely they are to come in contact with another flea-ridden animal.

Keeping your pets contained and supervised while outside is a good form of natural flea control. Ensuring they do not have access to animals that could potentially be carrying fleas will save you and your pet from inheriting that infestation. However, sometimes life happens, and the fleas find a way. For the best flea pest control in San Diego, contact the professionals at Habitat Protection Inc today!

How Quickly Do Fleas Reproduce 

Providing comprehensive flea pest control means that you must understand the flea life cycle. Below are the usual stages of a flea’s life:

  • Eggs: The flea life cycle always begins with eggs being laid. A female flea lays between 40-50 eggs a day for around 50 days, which totals about 2,000 eggs in one female flea’s lifetime.
  • Larvae: When the eggs hatch, the larvae come forward. Flea larvae resemble small, white worms.
  • Pupae: Those white worms will evolve into pupae or adolescent fleas.
  • Adults: Eventually the pupae grow into full-fledged adult fleas, and the females will continue the reproduction cycle all over again.

The ultimate flea prevention is having a professional technician come and spray your home before the fleas even arrive. At Habitat Protection, Inc, our technicians spray homes with the most advanced treatments available on the professional market, which prevents fleas from being able to set up shop in your home.

Professional Pest Control Is The Answer 

Flea control is a multi-step process. While making sure your pets are taken care of and given proper veterinary care can definitely help in flea prevention, it doesn’t end there. Habitat Protection Inc makes sure that all avenues are covered when it comes to protecting your home from fleas. This means providing top-quality rodent control, as another way fleas can enter your home is by hitching a ride on a rodent. Don’t stress yourself trying to cover all your bases -- let the experts handle that for you today!

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