How Bad Is It To Have Rats Around My San Diego Home?

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Have you ever wondered why some animals like to live outdoors while others invade human dwellings? This may have a lot to do with accessibility. A deer cannot easily get into your kitchen and eat lettuce out of your refrigerator. If it could, it probably would. Rats, on the other hand, have no problem getting indoors, staying out of sight, and stealing food and water. This is what makes these rodents such serious pests. Here is why having wild rats inside your San Diego home is so bad and what methods work best to get and keep rodents out.

How Can I Tell If It's Rats In My House?

Before we talk about how to get rid of rats, let's make sure your home has a rat problem. If you have seen a live rat indoors, feel free to skip this because seeing a rat is all the proof you need. If you have been hearing weird noises late at night and noticing other strange things indoors, here are some signs of rats to cross-reference your experiences with.

  • Holes chewed through walls, boxes of food, and storage containers
  • Pellets of rat droppings in the backs of pantries, cabinets, and cupboards
  • Shredded or otherwise damaged fabrics, paper, and insulation
  • Grease marks on floors and baseboards
  • Scampering noises late at night
  • The smell of urine in the air

Can Rats Around My House Make Me Sick?

The rats in San Diego are not just annoying, they are incredibly dangerous. Now, you shouldn't have to worry about these rodents biting you. The only time rats bite is when they feel trapped or directly threatened. What you need to worry about is the many diseases and disease-carrying pests they bring indoors. Two disease-carrying pests that rats regularly bring into homes are fleas and ticks. Both of these parasitic bugs can pick up harmful organisms from infected animals and spread them to healthy residents and their pets. Some of the most common diseases rats carry into homes are salmonellosis, hantavirus, rabies, rat-bite fever, tularemia, murine typhus, bubonic plague, Lyme disease, and Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

Why Do I Have Rats In My House?

Most homes are attractive to rats. Why? Because they provide opportunities. Opportunities to stay fed, well hydrated, and safe from predators and negative conditions outdoors. The question is, how do rats get in your house? Most often these pests are drawn in by pleasant smells or warm/cool breezes leaking through exterior holes, cracks, and openings. Once rats have a reason to get indoors, they start looking for openings or damage to get indoors. If an entry point is not wide enough, rats might gnaw on it to make it wider. How much effort rats put into invading depends on how bad they want to be inside. In other words, if rats are desperate enough, there is close to nothing that will keep them out.

What's The Best Way To Get Rid Of Rats In And Around My House?

If you are dealing with an infestation of rats inside your home or you are looking for a reliable option to deter these pests year-round, what you need is professional pest control in San Diego. For services you can trust, turn to the experts at Habitat Protection. We work hard to provide homeowners in our area with high-end and affordable pest control options. To get rats out of your home fast, let us help.

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