How To Keep Flies Out Of Your San Diego Home

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Flies invading your San Diego home can be more than just a nuisance – it can be dangerous due to the many diseases that flies bring. San Diego pest control is available to help you learn how to get rid of flies for good and ensure your home always stays protected from fly infestations.

The Life Cycle Of Common Flies

Even though there are several different types of flies in the San Diego area, such as the house fly, fruit flies, blowflies, drain flies, and gnats, the life cycle of these common types of flies are generally the same. Fly life cycles start with eggs that hatch into larvae, transform into pupae, and become adults. The adult flies will proceed to look for an area that offers safe feeding and breeding grounds so they can lay eggs and start the life cycle all over again.

For the most part, a flies life cycle is short and doesn’t last more than thirty days. However, flies are incredibly prolific and can cause many problems, plus leave behind many eggs in their short lifespan. What gets rid of flies most effectively eliminates all life stages of an infestation; Habitat Protection can help you with this.

The Issues Flies Can Create In Your House

When flies invade your house, they will buzz around and get in your way; this is annoying, but it isn’t even the worst thing that flies can leave behind. All species of this pest are incredibly unhygienic and frequently land on areas covered with trash or organic waste to feed and breed. As they enter your home, the flies will bring bacteria from these areas inside and spread them across surfaces or in food storage areas. Your risk of picking up an illness increases from flies, and it is why getting rid of house flies or other fly species that invade your home is so important.

Factors That Attract Flies Into Your Home

If you’ve noticed an influx of flies in your home, you may have several factors that attract this pest. Addressing these factors can help to control any fly infestation you’re experiencing.

  • Uncovered trash or food waste is a favorite for flies as they feed and breed in these areas.
  • Food or drink spills around your home and yard can easily attract flies.
  • Pet waste that is left all over your yard can contribute to attracting flies to the area.
  • Buildups of waste and organic matter in drains can create breeding grounds for certain fly species.
  • Overgrown yards with lots of debris, leaf litter, and fallen fruits can attract flies to your home.

For assistance controlling and removing these factors, you can contact Habitat Protection at the first sign of fly infestation in your home.  

Professional Pest Control Is A Great Fly Control Solution

Though most people may rely on home remedies to catch flies, professional pest control provided by Habitat Protection is the best way to control a fly infestation in your home. Only our experts can provide you with targeted solutions that effectively remove all types of flies in every life stage, so you can reclaim your house from this nuisance pest and get back to enjoying the inside and outside of your home without stress.

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