How To Protect Your San Diego Yard From Common Lawn Pests

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Professional pest control in San Diego is your best defense against insects and creatures. It would be best if you never underestimated critters. They can destroy your personal effects or the foundations of your property, and most can bite, scratch, or sting and cause injuries. On top of that, they might pass along germs or diseases. If you seek out services, don’t forget about lawn pests. Weeds, lawn moths, and chinch bugs are three detrimental specimens in the city.

Many people don’t know how to address lawn pests. They often default to using weed, lawn moth, or chinch bug killer from stores.; this can be a big mistake. Learn more about these issues and what you can do to avoid them. Habitat Protection can assist you with a yard pest and chinch bug infestation.

Types Of Common Lawn Pests That Plague San Diego Yards 

Once more, weeds, lawn moths, and chinch bugs are a massive problem. There are various species of weeds. Some are deceivingly beautiful, with colorful top blossoms and broad leaves, and others are visually unappealing, as they may be veiny and dim in the shade. Crabgrass is prevalent in the area. It’s clumpy and hairy and has a distinctive mid-vein. The leaves are about 8 inches, and the spiky seed heads are 5 inches. Its flat stem is purple. 

Lawn moths are 0.50 to 0.75 of an inch long, and dark spots decorate their gray or tan bodies. Their figures are elongated and globular, and among their features are wings, brown heads, and dominant noses. Sod webworms are their larvae. They’re 0.25 to 0.75 of an inch long in terms of size, and their tan, yellow, green, or orange bodies are segmented and spotted. 

Chinch bugs are about 0.12 to 0.25 of an inch long. These creepy crawlers are dark and covered with unique black, white, or red patterns, and four folded and white wings are on their backs. Their young have white stripes on their red bodies. 

The Damage Lawn Pests Can Cause To Your Lawn 

Weeds grow aggressively and strip desired plants of essentials—for example, space, water, nutrients, and air. As a result, they won’t be able to develop correctly, and needed land organisms will be struggling to function. Your yard will be vulnerable to diseases, insect infestations, and drought. It will eventually be discolored and look barren. 

The larvae of lawn moths are the most destructive. They build tunnels with silky white webbing at the root of the soil. They will consume grass, leaves, and plant stems. Subsequently, vegetation might die. Other possible outcomes are:

  • Stunted plant growth
  • Thin, short, and loose grass 
  • Land that looks defoliated and scalped 
  • Sod and brown patches in the yard 
  • Weeds 
  • Green moth eggs and fecal turds

With a chinch bug infestation, essential sap will be pulled from plant life by the nymphs. When they use their mouthparts to absorb the substances, they remove toxins that stop water and nutrient utilization. Dead matter and brown or yellow grass patches will surface.  

Factors That Attract Pests To Your Lawn 

An unkempt lawn is welcoming to weeds. Things like accidental germination, overwatering, and over-draining are also factors. Similar aspects draw lawn moths. Chinch bugs gravitate to certain types of grass and poorly managed yards. Weeds enable these insects, as well as the overuse of insecticides. 

Contact The Pros For Total Lawn Pest Control For Your Lawn  

Commercial pesticides and similar lawn products are expensive, not formulated for infestations, and can be too harsh on vegetation. Further, they might not be suitable for people and pets. We at Habitat Protection have specially designed treatments for outdoor spaces. Our industrial-grade lawn care solutions are safe and affordable. Call us today!

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