How To Tell If You Have A Bed Bug Problem In Your San Diego Home

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It can be hard to detect a bed bug problem in your San Diego home, thanks to the small size of this pest. We’re here to help you understand the best bed bug control techniques for your home – proper prevention tactics and help from San Diego pest control are the best ways to address this pest.

What A Bed Bug Looks Like 

Many individuals may not know how to recognize a bed bug. In fact, what do bed bugs look like is a pervasive question when narrowing down your pest troubles. The best way to describe bed bugs is that they look very similar in size and shape to an apple seed. Bed bugs, however, have a darker coloration and will often leave behind reddish stains in your home as a result of their feeding activities.

How To Identify A Bed Bug Bite 

Bed bug bites are one of the most significant tell-tale signs that this pest has invaded your home. You can identify them by their general painless appearance and gradual transformation into larger itchy welts. They appear most commonly on limbs exposed while you are sleeping and often have a zig-zag pattern to them. In most cases, bed bug bites won’t present any significant issues. Still, if you experience allergic symptoms or the bites become an itchy rash, you should meet with a medical professional to learn how to treat bed bug bites properly for relief of symptoms.

How To Identify All The Places Bed Bugs Can Hide In Your Home 

An essential part of bed bug control is learning all the places this pest can hide in your home. Keep in mind that bed bugs will enter your home from other infested areas and then do their best to stay hidden during the day. They work themselves into hard-to-reach places and are experts at remaining undetected until it is too late. So, you should be extra thorough in your search and contact local pest control for bed bugs if you have issues detecting this pest.

All the places bed bugs could hide in your home include:

  • The corners of mattresses, sheets, and bed frames
  • In storage boxes of clothes or clothes
  • Along the seams of furniture
  • In the gaps or cracks in flooring and walls
  • Around or inside utility and electrical outlets
  • In soft toys, pet bedding, or curtains
  • Inside light fixtures
  • In the gaps or cracks of appliances

Washing infested items in hot water with high heat can help reduce the number of bed bug infestations, but it is likely impossible to vacuum up or wash away every trace of this pest in your home. Instead, reach out to pest control to kill bed bugs and benefit from expert pest removal.

How To Get Rid Of A Bed Bug Infestation In Your Home Fast! 

To eliminate a bed bug infestation in your home as fast as possible, contact our experts at Habitat Protection. Only our professionals can identify the bed bug hiding spots around your property and provide you with targeted solutions that entirely eradicate your infestation and protect your property from further bed bug issues.

Trust in Habitat Protection and claim your nights back from bed bugs today.

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