Is It Dangerous To Have Flies In My San Diego Home?

a house fly on a dirty floor

Flies. Pretty much everyone has dealt with them at some point or another. You've likely had a fly make its way into your home and linger around your kitchen as you try eating a meal. Or, maybe, you've had hoards of flies around that you can't seem to remove.

Flies are annoying. Even one fly can be hard to kill as it escapes the reach of a fly swatter, but there are even more issues flies cause than just frustration. Flies in San Diego are dangerous to have around. It's vital for the health of everyone in your household that you take time to learn about fly control options. Read this guide put together by the San Diego pest control experts at Habitat Protection to learn more.

How Can I Tell If I Have A Fly Infestation?

Fly infestations are usually easy to spot. These aren't particularly sneaky or avoidant pests, and they mainly move around looking for food sources. However, some flies, such as the house fly, are larger and easier to spot than others, like the tiny fruit fly. There are a couple of other signs of a fly infestation to watch out for, such as:

  • Seeing dark clusters of spots that are about the size of a pinhead
  • Finding maggots in garbage cans or around food items

Once flies appear around your house, there will likely be more and more. Flies reproduce quickly and have short lifespans, so during the summer, they breed prolifically and are hard to remove. 

Can Flies In My House Make Me Sick?

Flies are prevalent pests, but they are more than a nuisance. They can transmit many diseases because of where they hang out. Flies generally thrive near decaying or rotting organic matter such as old produce, rotting trash, and feces. They land on these items and pick up pathogens. When they get inside your house, they land on countertops or on the food you eat. 

Some of the specific diseases that flies can spread include dysentery, typhoid, cholera, and conjunctivitis. Because of these risks, it's helpful to learn how to prevent flies before they become a huge problem.

How Can I Prevent Flies From Coming Into My Home?

Flies will emerge in large populations during the warmer months, but you can still take steps to keep flies out of your house. Here's where to start:

  • Fix or replace broken screens to keep flies from getting through them.
  • Get lids for your trash cans and take out the trash often. It's also helpful to clean out trash cans regularly to remove any odors. 
  • Clean up fallen or overripe fruits and vegetables around your yard.
  • Pick up pet droppings often.
  • Make sure that you tightly seal doors and windows.

But, even if you implement fly prevention steps, you might still have flies as they are challenging to deter. Instead, trust that our pest control professionals at Habitat Protection can effectively remove these disgusting pests.

What's The Best Way To Get Rid Of Flies In My House?

Once you have flies inside your home, it's hard to keep their numbers under control. Instead of struggling with ineffective DIY fly control, get in touch with our home pest control team at Habitat Protection. We will remove these dangerous pests and implement ongoing prevention to keep them away. 

Call us at Habitat Protection today to learn more about how we get rid of flies in your San Diego home.

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