The Best Way To Get Rid Of Pigeons Roosting Around Your San Diego Property

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Pigeons. You’ve probably seen them when enjoying a stroll around the city, and maybe you’ve even given them some food scraps. But, while pigeons are a common bird found throughout the country, they are capable of causing many problems for residents. Pigeons in San Diego aren’t just a nuisance either, as they can cause health risks.

If you’re dealing with pigeons around your San Diego property, this guide put together by our professionals at Habitat Protection is here to help address the issue. You’ll learn about pigeons in the area and how to remove them for good.

About The Lifestyle Of Urban Pigeons

The reason why pigeons are so widespread is that they were for entertainment and even food hundreds of years ago. People brought pigeons to the United States from Europe, and these birds adapted to living with humans and made a home alongside us in urban areas. While some pigeons are pets, wild pigeons are often called feral pigeons. These birds only live for two to three years, and they will gather in flocks. 

Over the years, pigeons established themselves in nearly every city, including San Diego. Their numbers are so prevalent that it’s hard to deter them, and having pigeons around isn’t safe.

The Dangers Roosting Pigeons Can Create Around Your Property

The main danger with pigeons is their droppings. Pigeons produce a large number of feces, known as guano. Over time, the build-up of their droppings even destroys buildings and machinery as the acidic elements hasten deterioration.

But, while property damage is a problem, a more pressing matter is health risks. Pigeons can spread illnesses through their droppings to people and other animals. One of the primary diseases spread through pigeon droppings is histoplasmosis. This illness is a fungal disease that releases through airborne spores.

To protect yourself from these risks, it’s good to reach out to San Diego pest control experts if you’re experiencing a pigeon problem.

Factors That Attract Pigeons To Your Property

If you live in a more urban area, preventing pigeons is even more difficult. Since these birds are common in your neighborhood, they seek out eaves, rooflines, and other semi-enclosed spaces, looking for roosting places.

Pigeons are also attracted to properties that provide them with food sources. They are relatively intelligent and opportunistic, and they know that people tend to leave behind bits of food and trash, on accident or purpose. They will go wherever it’s easy to find food and water as they commonly don’t hunt. 

This is also why it’s wise not to feed pigeons, as this will encourage them to come around. While pigeons might be interesting to watch, you don’t want them making your house a home and putting your health at risk. 

The Best Method Of Bird Control For Your Property

If you face a pigeon or other pest bird problem, removing and preventing them might seem impossible, even using DIY control. Because pigeons can fly away, you may have difficulty utilizing traps or bird nets. 

Instead of trying to remove pigeons independently, let Habitat Protection assist you. Call us today to learn more about pigeon control options or request a quote.

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