The Ins And Outs Of Landscape Pest Control In San Diego

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When it comes to taking care of your home or business’s exterior, many of us think about maintaining the grass, weeds, and bushes. While this type of care is essential to maintaining your home or business’s exterior, it’s not complete lawn service. At Habitat Protection Inc, we take care of more than just the weeds -- we tackle the common pests that invade San Diego outdoor spaces and destroy them. Read on to learn how we can provide the highest-quality pest control in San Diego today!

Common Landscape Pests Found In San Diego

Habitat Protection Inc provides the most complete, comprehensive lawn pest control service in San Diego. We have over 30 years of experience identifying, exterminating, and preventing pests that try to destroy yards. Below are the most common types of landscape pests you will find here in San Diego:

  • Aphids: These insects are usually black or green in color, and survive off plants. In fact, most of them are considered sap-sucking insects, and when an infestation is severe enough, they cause plants to have curled, yellow leaves, stunted or dead shoots and dampens the plant’s growth.
  • Whiteflies: Unlike their cousin, the black fly, whiteflies are not attracted to humans or animals. Unfortunately, they are attracted to your plants, and feed on the underside of leaves, causing severe damage. When one plant is destroyed, the infestation will move onto the next plant, and they continue to do so until all plants are destroyed.
  • Scales: These are other types of tiny, sap-sucking pests that have a tendency to feed on your plants and grass, and are just as destructive as aphids and whiteflies.

Habitat Protection Inc specializes in providing the highest quality lawn pest control service, ensuring your garden and lawn are free of damaging pests. Call us to get started today! 

How Pests In Lawns Are Typically Treated

When the professionals arrive on the scene to provide complete lawn service, they may use a variety of methods. Some of these might be through the use of Integrated Pest Management theories, which are more natural and eco-friendly ways of managing pests, as well as spraying your yard and garden with human-safe pesticides or placing granular perimeters around your outdoor spaces. Regardless of the methods your professionals choose to use, there are things you can do to also help control the pests in your lawns:

  • Raking: Regular raking to remove leaves and thatching will aerate the ground, and reduce the appeal for many insects.
  • Fertilization: Do a soil test to see what types of nutrients your soil is lacking. It might be phosphorous, potassium, or nitrogen. Then, fertilize your lawn and garden with a fertilizer that is high in the missing nutrient.
  • Mowing: Regular mowing is a great way to cut back on the appeal of your garden and lawn, as well as exterminate insects in the process.

The professionals at Habitat Protection Inc will pinpoint the exact ways you can optimize your outdoor spaces to prevent landscape pests. Give us a call for help today!

What Is The Difference Between Lawn Care And Landscaping?

When you are seeking commercial or residential pest control in San Diego, you might be confused by the seemingly interchangeable phrases of landscaping versus lawn care. However, it is important to understand that these two actions are not one and the same. Landscaping refers to the thoughtful arrangement of plants, planters, and the building of your outdoor space to reflect a building plan. Lawn care services are about managing the weeds, soil, health of the plants, and the pests that pose a threat to their wellbeing. At Habitat Protection Inc, we provide complete lawn care services to help your yard and garden stay strong and healthy.

How To Keep A Pest-Proof Garden 

It can take a long time to really figure out how to keep your garden and lawn safe from pests. That’s why Habitat Protection Inc provides commercial and residential pest control in San Diego, to help home and business owners pest-proof their outdoor spaces and keep them healthy and thriving. Don’t let these destructive pests go unchecked -- call us today!

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