What To Do About Moths Invading Your San Diego Lawn?

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In the summertime, a fast reproducing invader of lawns are sod webworms, also referred to as lawn moths. They can make quick work of seemingly healthy lawns, causing damage to your landscape that can be irreversible. If you suspect that they have invaded your lawn, now is the time to learn why they are starting to appear in large numbers and what attracts them, discover how they can damage your lawn, and how to control them naturally and effectively.

If you are struggling with a sod webworm infestation, Habitat Protection Inc. provides pest control in San Diego you can rely on to get rid of them for good. Do not wait for the infestation to grow, as it can become increasingly difficult to control.

Why Are There So Many Moths In My Lawn

There are many reasons you might have ended up with moths on your lawn. Cigar-like in shape and about half an inch long, sod webworms are not an actual threat. The real danger lies in their larvae, which penetrate the soil and feed on the grass. If your once healthy-looking lawn now has brown spots, it could signify that the moth larvae have started their destructive work. The presence of adult light green to light brown moths can confirm this. If you see a few moths on your lawn, they likely have laid eggs, and more are waiting to invade.

Are Moths Bad For Your Lawn?

Sod webworms are not bad for your lawn in and of themselves, and they do not pose health hazards to humans either. However, they lay eggs that hatch into larvae, and these can cause damage to lawns in a relatively short amount of time. Once the sod webworms attack your lawn, bringing it back to its healthy state will require eliminating the invaders throughout the moth life cycle stages and treating the grass to help it recover.

What Attracts Moths To Your Lawn In San Diego

There are many reasons why you have attracted moths to your San Diego lawn, including the following factors:

  • Your lawn lacks natural predators, which can help control lawn moth populations, from beneficial insects to birds.
  • Your lawn has excess thatch and is improperly or irregularly maintained.
  • Your lawn is not regularly watered and kept cool during the summer or is mowed too short.

It is possible to eliminate lawn moths or keep them to a minimum with proper lawn care. When routine maintenance is not enough, natural ways to get rid of webworm moths might help.

Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Webworm Moths

To eliminate existing webworm moths and prevent future infestations, these tips can help control them naturally:

  • Natural webworm moth treatments and webworm moth repellents can be found over-the-counter and vary in ineffectiveness. Licensed pest control technicians can help you determine which products are right for you.
  • Consider encouraging natural predators to establish themselves on your property and feeding on any lawn moths that might have settled there.
  • Water your lawn regularly in the early morning when there is limited rainfall. Sod webworm moths thrive in hot environments.

Getting rid of sod webworms effectively will often require homemade natural remedies combined with professional treatments. For the best result, reach out to our experts at Habitat Protection Inc.

After inspecting your home, our trained technicians will devise a treatment plan to eliminate your current webworm moth infestation and prevent a new one from taking hold. Contact us today for the most effective lawn moth control in the San Diego area.

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