Commercial Pest Control In San Diego, CA

Protecting Your San Diego Business From Pests

Taking the necessary steps to keep your business pest-free should be a priority for every business owner. When pests get into a commercial facility, they make your life infinitely more difficult and endanger your business's accomplishments. Pests damage structures, equipment, and inventory, put the health and safety of employees and customers at risk, and harm your business's reputation.

Instead of dealing with the after-effects of a pest infestation, it's wise to take proactive steps to avoid an infestation altogether. Habitat Protection is a pest control company based in Escondido, CA and offers San Diego-area businesses the pest control services needed to fully protect your property from pests. We have over 30 years of experience solving San Diego's pest problems.

What To Expect From Our Commercial Pest Control Services

door to a fancy commercial building

We'll start your service with a full inspection of your property. Beginning outside, we'll inspect from the eaves to the base of your structure to look for entry points. We'll then move inside to inspect the interior of your facility before making recommendations about a treatment plan.

We'll provide you with a report of our inspection findings and go over a proposed treatment schedule with you. Our treatment plans are tailored to your business's needs so that your property receives the necessary services to rid it of active pests and protect it from future problems.

Facilities We Service

a large apartment building

Apartment Complexes

Pests easily move through wall voids to get from one apartment to another. Keep them out of your entire apartment complex by partnering with Habitat Protection.

doctor in a hospital


If pests get into your hospital, they can spread germs around that can further harm your patients. Keep pests out with the help of the professionals at Habitat Protection.

soldiers in a line up


You protect our country with honor. With our commercial pest control, let Habitat Protection protect you from the pests that can damage your facility, equipment, and more.

a home forsale

Property Management

Maintaining properties requires you to know how to do a lot of different jobs. We recommend leaving the pest control to the professionals at Habitat Protection.

chef cooking food in a restaurant


Restaurants are especially susceptible to pest infestations, and the consequences of an infestation can be devastating. Protect your restaurant by partnering with Habitat Protection.

a large warehouse facility


When pests get into a warehouse facility, they can cause damage to the building itself and everything inside. Keep them out with the help of Habitat Protection.

Reasons To Choose Habitat Protection

Our Experience

Habitat Protection has served San Diego and the surrounding areas for over 30 years. We have the experience you need to fully eliminate your commercial pest problems.

Our Qualifications

At Habitat Protection, we never stop learning and improving. We have extensive qualifications to demonstrate our expertise, and we continue to earn new qualifications to stay at the top of our field.

Our Service

When you choose Habitat Protection, we will treat you to our high-quality customer service. We care about our customers and always work to ensure their satisfaction.

Licensed Pest Control You Can Trust

As a fully licensed pest control company, Habitat Protection works hard to protect local businesses from harmful pests, as well as provide pest control services for government facilities. When you contact us, you'll receive friendly service delivered by highly trained professionals who have the experience necessary to take care of your pest problems. If you need commercial pest control and live in our San Diego service area, contact us to schedule your free quote today.

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