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Habitat Protection Is A Certified GSA Provider In The San Diego Area

Pest infestations can be devastating in commercial environments, including government facilities and buildings. The spread of diseases and risk of property damages are high and may pose a threat to employee health and well-being. With so much at stake, government facilities would be wise to trust the solutions of a professional pest control team. However, regulations, requirements, and high-level clearance are expected of partner programs, and not every company can rise to the challenge. Few businesses will make the cut. The choice is clear for government facilities in San Diego, CA: Habitat Protection, Inc.

As a certified GSA provider, Habitat Protection has been thoroughly vetted and approved to work with government agencies. We understand the unique challenges and needs of these types of clients and are equipped to provide solutions that meet all regulations. Adaptable, professional, and discreet, we are prepared to service a wide variety of needs.

GSA Services From Habitat Protection

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A GSA Contract with Habitat Protection arms the facility with services that are second to none. Staffed with highly-trained and certified professionals who are experts in the latest extermination techniques, we can begin treating your government agency with same-day or emergency pest control visits.

Our most popular GSA services include the following:

  • Hourly pest control
  • Monthly or quarterly pest control service (by square footage)
  • Termite inspections, fumigation, and subterranean termite control
  • Mosquito larvae surveillance and adult treatment
  • Selective, non-selective, and pre-emergent herbicide applications 
  • Noxious or exotic weed control

We understand that pest control isn't the only concern government agencies have, especially regarding unwanted insects and mammals. Habitat Protection sets the bar even higher with our full-service government facility pest control programs. We provide service for every conceivable need, including:

  • Pest management
  • Rodent control
  • Vegetation management
  • Aquatic weeds and algae
  • Health-related services
  • Decontamination
  • Risk reduction and mitigation

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Why Your Government Facility Needs Professional Pest Control

The dangers of DIY pest control are far more severe than what meets the eye. While many do-it-yourself pest control methods and products are available on the market, these are often ineffective against more serious infestations and can even be dangerous if used incorrectly. Professionals have the training and experience necessary to safely and effectively eliminate pests from your government facility.

There are many benefits to using professional pest control services, including the following:

  • Improved Public Health - Pests easily spread diseases and contaminate food, which quickly leads to serious illnesses. Professional pest control can help reduce the risk of disease transmission by eliminating pests from your government facility.
  • Reduced Property Damage - Pests can cause significant damage to your agency, both structurally and through the destruction of property. Professional pest control can help minimize this damage and keep your government facility in top condition.
  • Improved Safety - Pests can be dangerous, with some species capable of inflicting serious injuries. Professional pest control can help protect employees and visitors from physical damage, emotional trauma, and other negative experiences.

Follow all industry guidelines and improve your facility's protection by getting a consultation from Habitat Protection today.

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Dedicated to excellence, Habitat Protection is the obvious choice when it comes to government facility pest control. Our GSA services are reliable, affordable, and effective, and our team of certified residential and commercial pest professionals is standing by to assist you. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve and maintain a pest-free government facility. 

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