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Habitat Protection is a leading provider of holistic pest management solutions in San Diego, CA. We offer heat treatments that work fast to eliminate bed bugs, drywood termites, and related insect types. Not only are our heat treatments safe for the environment, but they are extremely effective at eradicating large populations of pests. Contact our San Diego home pest control and commercial pest control professionals today to schedule an initial heat treatment consultation.

Our San Diego, CA Heat Treatment Process

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Habitat Protection uses our highly effective heat treatments against pests with high reinfestation risks, including bed bugs and drywood termites. We also use our services to provide thorough decontamination around homes and businesses, removing pathogens within just a few short hours. Everything has a heat threshold, and using it correctly allows us to decimate pest and germ populations around your property.

Heat treatments for bed bug control will eliminate both adults and their eggs, no matter where they may be hiding. From the insides of electrical outlets to the recesses of your mattress, the intense heat will permeate all layers of the home.

For termite control, the Habitat Protect team will drill small holes in the building's timbers, then set a thermostat within those holes. We will heat each room to a specific temperature to eliminate all life cycles of a termite population, from larvae to pupae to adults. This service will yield the best possible approach for multi-family homes and structures where fumigation is not an option.

Finally, we provide decontamination services to reduce risks associated with pests and disease exposure. If your property has an area that needs decontamination or disinfection, our professionals will carefully apply heat before removing insulation or performing a pest control cleanup.

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How To Properly Care For Your Building After A Heat Treatment

Once the heat treatment is complete, there are still a few things property owners need to do to keep their buildings both safe and pest-free. There are three primary steps; cleaning, sealing, and monitoring.

First, it is important to make sure that your home remains completely clean and free of clutter and attractants. This step may require some additional cleaning beyond what we did during the heat treatment, specifically in hard-to-reach or damp environments. Make sure to remove any debris or other objects that could serve as a pest habitat.

Second, seal off your structure from the outside world. Pests can easily find their way back into a building if it is not properly protected. Using waterproof caulking around doors and windows will help to reduce your risks of scouting insects.

Finally, it is essential to keep an eye on your structure after heat treatment. If you think that an additional pest problem could be arising, you'll need to get in touch with Habitat Protection as soon as possible. Our professionals are always standing by to address your questions and comments.

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Heat treatments are some of the most effective forms of pest control on the market. They are significantly less invasive than traditional treatments and far safer for your family. If you are interested in scheduling a heat treatment with Habitat Protection in San Diego, CA, please call us to schedule an appointment today. We will be happy to answer any questions you have about our services. Thank you for your interest in environmentally friendly pest control treatments!

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