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Some birds are more concerning than others, especially when they make themselves at home on a residential property. Below, you can learn about two species that cause problems in San Diego; reach out to our expert pest control team at Habitat Protection to learn more about our bird control services.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Birds

What are birds?

The first type of bird you should know about is the pigeon. These birds have a plump appearance, a gray body about 10 inches long, two black barks on each wing, and a blueish-gray head with iridescent blue or purple feathers on the neck.

The second type of bird is the swallow. There are many species of swallows, but the most common are barn swallows. They are about 5 1/2 to 7 1/2 inches long with steely blue feathers, reddish-orange underside, and white spots under the tail.

Are birds dangerous?

Birds can be dangerous for several reasons, especially when living in large populations on one property. The problems caused by birds include contamination, spreading diseases, damage, and more. Here is a more detailed list of the issues you could face with birds:

  • Contamination - Birds can live outside, but they can also get inside, nesting in attics, sheds, and other outbuildings where they can contaminate food and surfaces with their waste.
  • Damage - Birds can cause gutter and drain clogging, leaving your property susceptible to flooding and water damage. Their waste can also cause harm because bird droppings are acidic and corrosive.
  • Diseases - Bird droppings can lead to salmonella, E. coli, and more that will make people sick.
  • Parasites - Birds carry and spread parasites like ticks, which can cause many more problems.

As you can see, birds are not pests that you want making themselves at home on your property. Their presence is stressful, and the damage they cause is costly.

Why do I have a bird problem?

Birds will build their nests on properties for convenience. Your property may provide food and water sources, or these resources may be close by, and your yard provides places to build nests. Because of their flying capabilities, birds are unlike other pests when trying to keep them away. While you can prevent them from getting inside your home, it is difficult to stop them from nesting in trees.

Where will I find birds?

The most common places you will see bird nests are in trees. However, they can also build nests on your home, including the roof, gutters, and chimneys. You may also find them in the attic when they make their way inside.

How do I get rid of birds?

If you are tired of dealing with birds in San Diego, contact us at Habitat Protection for excellent pest control services. We offer inspections to identify where pest birds are living or could live in the future on your property. Based on findings, we will use various methods such as netting, spikes, repellents, and scare devices to deter them. We also provide exclusion methods such as sealing entry points and habitat modification.

Birds can be significant pests for local businesses, and a commercial pest program is an effective to handle pest birds near your property. Discover the benefits of commercial pest control in San Diego and reach out today to request a free quote.

How can I prevent birds in the future?

The best way to prevent birds is with expert pest control methods. We also recommend eliminating potential food sources by removing bird feeders, fruit trees, and garbage cans without fitted lids to make your property less attractive to these animals. Find out more bird prevention tips by calling us at Habitat Protection.

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