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About Landscape Pests In San Diego

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Landscape pests are those that damage trees, shrubs, grass, and other plant life. They often cause harm by consuming material or taking important matter from it, such as water or nutrients. Numerous bugs and organisms fit into this category, and many of these insects are arthropods.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Landscape Pests

What are landscape pests?

Three common landscape pests in our region are aphids, whiteflies, and scales. Without close inspection, these pest can be hard to see. Below are some characteristics of these pests.

  • Aphids: These critters are .06 to .12 of an inch long and have rounded bodies. Some are black or pink, while others are green and yellow. Stripes, mottling, and other marks may be on their skin. They usually blend into the plant they are using as a host. You’ll see them on the underside of leaves and along the side of stems. Aphids release pheromones to alert others when they’re under attack. 
  • Whiteflies: There are more than 1,500 kinds of whiteflies on earth. This species can be as small as 0.08 of an inch long. Their bodies are soft and formed like a triangle. Bright white coloring decorates their wings. Akin to aphids, they sit beneath plant leaves.
  • Scale insects: These bugs are .06 to .37 of an inch long. A thick covering resembling a scale protects their oval bodies. Females are wingless. These pests tend to be on the surface and sides of a plant. Scale insects can have multiple generations in one year.

When are landscape pests most active?

Aphids are most present during spring and fall. Whiteflies are active throughout the year in warmer climates. Otherwise, they’ll show up over the summer, when scales also emerge.

How do I get rid of landscape pests?

“Do-it-yourself” mixtures and retail pesticides are often too harsh on vegetation and pose a threat to humans and domestic animals. What’s worse is that these options are quite expensive and will not work on infestations. At Habitat Protection, we have industrial-grade landscape pest treatments fashioned for homes and businesses throughout our pest control service area. Some of our solutions are fertilization assistance, herbicide, and more. Our highly-trained staff has licenses and experience in lawn maintenance. Give us a call today to learn more about our San Diego home pest control and commercial pest control solutions.

How can I prevent landscape pests in the future?

Take these steps to reduce the chances of an invasion by landscape pests:

  • Regularly examine your bushes, shrubs, and plants.
  • Rinse greenery on a routine basis.
  • Apply revitalizing horticultural oils to stems and leaves.
  • Try not to over-fertilize your greenery.
  • Install flowering garlic, onions, and chives to repel bugs.
  • Use reflective plastic mulch.
  • Prune and remove infected plants.

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