Pest Control In Camp Pendleton, CA

Pest Control In Camp Pendleton, California

Located in North San Diego County, you’ll find the census-designated place (C.D.P.) of Camp Pendleton. Camp Pendleton is a military town on the Marine Corps Base. The area covers approximately 125,000 acres with over 17 miles of coastline.

This C.D.P. is less than 20% developed but still has heavily developed urbanized areas along the northern and southern borders of the base. The remainder of the base contains rolling hills and canyons, coastal plains, and tidal estuaries.

Camp Pendleton is a military base with less than 20% developed with an urbanized area. Guess what’s happening with that smaller percentage of those heavily developed urbanized areas– pests are infesting them.

One thing to understand about pests is that they have no scruples about where they invade, as long as we fulfill their needs. The base already has rolling hills and canyons, and hosts miles of coastline means that pests are inevitable. It’s not a matter of if they will invade your military home or business, but more so when.

At Habitat Protection, we’ve been in the pest control industry for over 30 years, and it is our honor and pleasure to serve your homes, businesses, and families with safe and effective pest control services. As your North San Diego county pest control professionals, please allow us to serve and protect you as you’ve served our country. 

We offer same-day, and emergency services, so don’t hesitate to give us a call in your time of need.

Residential Pest Control In Camp Pendleton

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After a long day of work, all you want to do is be able to go home and relax. Unfortunately, when pests enter your home, relaxing is the last thing you’ll be able to do. From the constant buzzing of flying insects building nests outside your home to rodents' scratching and chewing sounds in your attic, pests will bring about anxiety and sleepless nights if left untreated for too long. Not to mention property damage that can occur and health risks that may come about for your entire family, including pets. At Habitat Protection, we believe that after working all day, you shouldn’t have to go home to deal with pests in any shape, form, or fashion– that’s our job!

The first step of our residential pest control services is a complete inspection of your home, checking the interior and exterior for active infestations, entry points, and possible reasons they’re infesting your home. We will then create a treatment plan specifically customized to meet your home's unique needs. Once treatment is complete, we’ll go over follow-up schedule options to ensure your home remains pest-free.

Don’t suffer in silence for another moment in your own home. At Habitat Protection, we have the proper equipment, tools, and products to protect your home and family from destructive pests. Call one of our pest experts.

Commercial Pest Control In Camp Pendleton

‘Business as usual’ is what it means when your business is running pretty smoothly without any significant changes to disrupt the daily operations. Consider pests to be the monkey wrench that throws everything out of whack. The moment pests enter your place of business, the damages they cause are bountiful. Pests are simply bad for business, from lost profits and bad reviews to damaged business reputations and thousands in repairs.

By investing in commercial pest control services, you can eliminate such risks. At Habitat Protection, our services are safe and effective, but they’re also affordable. We have treatment plan options for you to choose from that will surely meet any budget, and we can guarantee that investing in our commercial services will cost pennies to the number of damages you’ll incur without them. To avoid ruining the business you worked so hard to build, contact one of our highly trained and experienced technicians to learn more about how we can best serve your business.

Avoiding The Financial Impact Of Cockroaches In Camp Pendleton

When most people think of cockroaches, the first thing that comes to mind is how gross and nasty they are; rarely does anyone think about their financial impact, especially in the business world. Cockroaches are notorious for impacting a business’s bottom line. Here’s how.

  • Employee Absenteeism: When employees notice roaches in the work establishment, they don’t want to be around them. They want to feel safe while working, and cockroaches surely don't give that feeling. Employees are afraid of bringing cockroaches back to their own homes, if nothing else. Believe it or not, employees would much rather leave a job than stay in a cockroach-infested building, no matter how much they’re getting paid, especially if they’re not getting paid enough.
  • Lawsuits: Customers getting food poisoning or displaying signs of illness from encountering pests at your business can lead to lawsuits. You have to either be prepared to fight back or pay up.
  • Failed Audit: All businesses have to undergo audits to determine if the building is safe for occupants. The moment an inspector discovers a cockroach infestation or even a few cockroaches and notices you do not have ongoing pest control services- they could temporarily or permanently shut your business down. The shutdown will be until you meet satisfactory working conditions and may be your road to lost profits.
  • Bad Publicity: People won't want to frequent your business once the public discovers you have a cockroach problem. This damage can be irreparable if you don’t act on it promptly, especially with social media.

The great news about all of this is that you can avoid the financial impact of cockroaches with commercial pest control and our effective cockroach control services. Unfortunately, if you wait until the last minute, it may be too late to control the damage. Remember, prevention is always better than finding a cure. Contact Habitat Protection to avoid the financial impact of cockroaches on your business.

How To Choose A Bed Bug Exterminator In Camp Pendleton

Just as you go through a vetting process to choose house contractors, you need to use that same vetting process when selecting a bed bug exterminator. That’s not saying to check every exterminator you come across– that could take forever! However, bed bugs are a serious problem, so you don’t want to take too long, as the sooner you can get them removed, the sooner you can get back to living your everyday life.

When choosing a bed bug exterminator, there are a few factors you want to look for:

  • Years of experience
  • On-staff entomologist
  • Pest-specific services
  • Same-day and emergency services
  • Warranty on services
  • Free inspections
  • Eco-friendly products and practices

At Habitat Protection, we meet all those criteria and more, plus our technicians are highly trained and skilled in bed bug removal services and have been for over 30 years. Go with pest professionals you can trust. Give us a call to get your bed bug removal services scheduled.

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