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Life in Hemet is generally peaceful and stress-free, but the second an infestation of insects or rodents moves into your home or business, there’s nothing but trouble. Riverside County pest control is vital when it comes to combatting pest infestations in the area and regaining the tranquil lifestyle that the up-and-coming city of Hemet has to offer.

At Habitat Protection, we know how important protecting your area, home, or business against pests can be. We strive to offer the best pest control solutions and tailored treatment plans that meet your property’s every need. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule a free quote.

Home Pest Control In Hemet

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Nothing is worse than your Hemet residence being less than safe for you or your loved ones. Pest elimination and prevention strategies are essential if you want to ensure to keep insects and rodents out, and professional home pest control provided by Habitat Protection is the best way to achieve a pest-free home.

With our thorough inspections of your property, customized treatment plans that address your concerns and your home’s specific needs, and follow-up treatments scheduled as needed to keep all types of pests away, your home will be safer than ever. Plus, we always use eco-friendly products safely around children and pets, so you can benefit from pest control that keeps the customer in mind.

Reach out to Habitat Protection today at the first sign of pest problems and schedule a free quote.

Commercial Pest Control In Hemet

In Hemet, a pest infestation on your commercial property can create several problems, including destruction, disease risks, and a loss of reputation in the community. Our Habitat Protection team is standing by to help you protect your business from pests – we tailor all of our treatment solutions to your property’s needs to provide you with the most effective pest control possible.

We have years of experience and service commercial properties such as apartments, restaurants, hospitals, government facilities, property management buildings, and warehouses. The help of Habitat Protection is all you need to eradicate active pest infestations and keep future pest issues at bay – reach out today for more information or to schedule a free quote.

Hemet's Handy Handbook To Spider Identification

Spider infestations are the most frightening things to encounter around your Hemet property. And, if you do run into some spiders, you are probably wondering how dangerous the spider is and how concerned you should be about eliminating infestations of these pests.

Hemet's most common spider types are the common household spider, black widow spiders, brown recluse spiders, and sac spiders. These spiders are all pretty distinctive, and you can look for these identifiers to try and distinguish the difference between spider species:

  • Check the coloration of the spider and note if they have any distinctive markings, such as a dark violin shape on their back (brown recluses have this) or a red hourglass on their abdomen (black widows have this).
  • Pay attention to the general size of the spider.
  • Note whether the spider has any distinctive features, such as lots of hair on its legs or six eyes instead of eight.
  • Check where the spider’s web is and what it looks like, as different species tend to spin different types of webs at different heights and with different patterns.

You can take the information you gather on the spiders seen around your property to our expert team at Habitat Protection. We will help you with further identification and removal of your spider problems.

Are The Ants Around My Hemet Home Dangerous?

When it comes to ant infestations in Hemet, you may be wondering if these tiny insect invaders are more of a nuisance than they appear to be. We’re here to tell you that ant issues can be dangerous thanks to ants' nature and the destruction they can cause.

The ant species you will most likely encounter in Hemet include Argentine ants, theft ants, and red fire ants. These pests walk through areas filled with trash and waste as they scavenge around; the ants pick up bacteria and pathogens that they then introduce into your home as they invade. 

Furthermore, ants (especially red fire ants) are known for their painful, itchy bites. An infestation brings a greater chance of being bitten, and ant bites may trigger allergic reactions even in those without preexisting allergy conditions.

In terms of property destruction, infestations of ants can cause problems in outdoor areas as they set up colonies. Problems inside your home may include the damage to electrical or plumbing utilities as ants invade and set up their colonies in these warmer locations.

Contact Habitat Protection at the first sign of ants for help identifying and removing this troublesome pest.

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