Pest Control In Imperial Beach, CA

Pest Control In Imperial Beach, CA

Situated in the most southwestern corner of California and the United States, Imperial Beach, CA, is a residential beach city and home to roughly 26,000 residents. The surf and the sun appeal to many when looking for either a house or a place to set up shop. Regardless, the influx of people in Imperial Beach has caused San Diego pest control needs to spike. At Habitat Protection, we bring superior pest control services to all Imperial Beach home and business owners.

Residential Pest Control In Imperial Beach

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The health and well-being of you and your family is our top priority here at Habitat Protection. We bring over 35 years of residential pest control experience to Imperial Beach homeowners, and we have crafted the following formula to treat homes thoroughly:

  • Complete a thorough inspection.
  • Customize a treatment plan based on the findings during the inspection.
  • Implement treatments. 
  • Perform follow-up visits to ensure your home stays pest-free.

At Habitat Protection, we use Integrated Pest Management theories and eco-friendly products. This allows us to provide the most thorough, comprehensive residential pest control service while also staying friendly to the environment and any pets you may have. Call us today if you are frustrated with the pests trying to move into your living space. 

Commercial Pest Control In Imperial Beach

Securing effective commercial pest control services is essential for all business owners, no matter what type of establishment you run. As more people move into and visit Imperial Beach, the pest population skyrockets. So, it becomes a matter of when you get an infestation, not if. When that happens, Habitat Protection is on standby and ready to provide commercial pest control services to the following types of businesses:

  • Restaurants
  • Property management
  • Warehouses
  • Military
  • Hospitals
  • Apartment complexes

We don't just use the latest technology to keep our treatments eco-friendly and safe for your employees and patrons. We also use the knowledge of our staff Associate Certified Entomologist to give us an edge in how we implement prevention strategies to keep your business pest-free. For fast, effective, and reliable pest control, give Habitat Protection a call today!

How To Exterminate Bees In Your Imperial Beach Home

For the most effective bee control near you, contact the experts at Habitat Protection. It's not a good idea to try to exterminate bees by yourself. Over-the-counter products rarely work, and you could get very hurt. Instead, try these prevention tips:

  • Fill in all holes in the ground: Some bees will build nests in holes in the soil, so go around your yard and fill up any holes or depressions you find.
  • Remove organic debris from your yard: By removing all the logs, stumps, and leaf litter, you are taking away additional places bees like to try and nest.
  • Check your garbage bins: Take a look at the state of your garbage bins. If they are easily accessible, bees will flock to them. If they have holes in them, or the lids don't fit properly, it's time to get new ones.
  • Don't overplant flowers: While flower beds are pretty nice, having too much flowering vegetation can attract more bees to your yard. 

If you are still struggling with a bee problem, contact Habitat Protection for the best bee control near you. A technician will safely remove any present bees, and you will be back to enjoying your yard in no time. Call us to get started. 

The Ultimate Guide To Making Your Imperial Beach Home Unattractive to Rodents

Rodents are plentiful here in Imperial Beach, unfortunately. However, most prevention tips will cover most types of rodents, so consider implementing the following to make your home less appealing to them:

  • Seal up entry points: Go around your home and locate any cracks, crevices, and holes. Immediately seal them up, as this is one of the most popular ways rodents get inside your home.
  • Clear out clutter: Take the time to clean out your garage, attic, and basement. Organize your material items, and place boxes in a way that does not provide rodents with a safe place to nest.
  • Fix leaky pipes and fixtures: Rodents are often looking for steady access to water. Making sure your pipes and faucets are not leaking will make the place less appealing to them.

If you did all of the above and are still experiencing a rodent infestation, give us a call! A rodent control technician will help pinpoint exactly what strategies you need in your home to effectively keep rodents away. Call us today!

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