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Quality Pest Control In Oceanside, CA

The coastal town of Oceanside has so much to offer its residents. Its central location between San Diego and Los Angeles makes it a popular destination for tourists, and with attractions like the historic pier, beautiful beaches, and the California Surf Museum, there’s always something to keep families entertained.

The fantastic year-round weather of Oceanside allows us ample time to enjoy all of the outdoor activities in the area and family gatherings in the backyard. Sadly, we aren’t the only ones to enjoy the benefits of this great weather. Our community also attracts plenty of pests. You take pride in your home or business and want to do all you can to protect them. We at Habitat Protection share that feeling and are compelled to do what we can to help you protect those assets. We are a premier San Diego County pest control company that takes pride in our work and customer satisfaction.

Residential Pest Control In Oceanside

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One of the things that draw residents to Oceanside is the charm of our bungalow-style neighborhoods. We know your home is everything to you and your family. That’s why we're so devoted to ensuring your property is protected from the pests that can threaten your home and family. With more than 30 years of experience, we are more than capable of tackling whatever pest issue you may come across.

We offer free inspections to all of our residential customers and guarantee our work based on the type of pest. Our certified professionals will first discuss with you what type of pest problems you are experiencing. They will then perform an exterior and interior inspection looking for pest entry points as well as evidence of past and present pest activity. Based on the results of the inspections, a treatment plan will be recommended. That plan can be anything from explaining a simple DIY project that you could do to outlining one of the residential pest control services we provide.

We take pride in the quality of our service and strive for complete customer satisfaction. We want you to know that you can trust us with the protection of your home and the safety of your family.

Commercial Pest Control In Oceanside

One of the most important aspects of a vital community is the success of its commercial businesses, and a pest infestation can threaten that crucial part of our society. Pests can create unsanitary conditions, put your employees' and customers’ safety at risk, and cause structural damage to property. Don’t let this happen to your business. Give us a call to schedule an appointment today.

Our technicians will start with a thorough inspection of the exterior of the building to look for places where pests can gain access to your business. The inspection process will then move inside to check for any signs of an infestation. We will then discuss the results of the inspections with you and suggest the best commercial pest control service to meet your needs. Our plans can be monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly, depending on the type of pest and the severity of the infestation.

The staff at Habitat Protection pride ourselves on keeping our customers happy, and we know you do too. Contact us for your pest control issues. You’ll be glad you did.

How To Beat The Infestation Of Bees In Oceanside

Oceanside is blessed with summer-like weather throughout the year. This gives us an ample supply of sunny days to enjoy and the sweet smell of flowers twelve months of the year. But we aren’t the only ones that relish in this benefit; it’s also the perfect atmosphere for bees. Although bees are a great asset to our ecosystem, they can be a nuisance and a threat to your home and your family.

The common types of bees you’ll find in San Diego County are the European honey bee, carpenter bee, and bumble bee. The dangerous Africanized honey bee is also becoming a species of concern. Most bees are not aggressive and will only attack if they are threatened or feel the need to protect their hive. If you or a family member is allergic to bee stings, a bee problem becomes more serious.

Taking care of a bee problem by yourself is highly discouraged. It can be not only dangerous but also a very difficult task. Bee colonies can number in the hundreds, and it is nearly impossible to ensure you have removed them all. It is strongly suggested that you don’t attempt to eradicate bees by using sprays. Bees play an important role in our environment and removing them live by professionals is the recommended procedure. If you see a swarm in your yard, it’s best to remove yourself from the situation. They usually swarm to find a place to build their home. Spraying them with water or swatting at them will only make matters worse.

The best thing you can do if you are experiencing a problem with bees is to call a professional bee removal service. Habitat Protection has years of experience and would be more than happy to come out and solve your bee issue.

Lawn-Destroying Insects In Oceanside

With the great weather of Southern California, we take pride in our yards and gardens. The year-round, warm weather here in Oceanside offers us the luxury of establishing beautiful gardens and lawns. But with the lawn-destroying insects that are present in our area, it can prove to be difficult to keep them maintained.

The types of pests that are likely to invade your garden are aphids, whiteflies, and scales. If left untreated they can damage your flowers, shrubs, and trees. It can be difficult to control these types of pests and should be left to the professionals of a San Diego County pest control company. Let’s look at each one of these pests and how to identify them.

  • Aphids: These are very small pear-shaped insects that have long legs and two cornicles. The cornicles are long tubes that project from their abdomens. They emit pheromones and a defensive secretion. Aphids come in a large range of colors, from black to brown, yellow, and red.
  • Whiteflies: Not actually a true fly, they are more related to aphids. They are tiny, rectangular-shaped insects with white wings. You may notice them all year, but they become more active in the hotter months. They are not as destructive as aphids, but if a plant is already afflicted with a disease, these bugs will worsen the problem.
  • Scales: These landscape destroyers are difficult to see and may go unnoticed for a long period of time. As their name implies, they look like scales and attach themselves to leaves. To the untrained eye, it may just look like a little bump.

It is recommended that these pests be treated by a certified technician. If not done correctly, you could damage your plants and, at the same time, make an infestation worse. Habitat Protection has the expertise to implement the proper treatment plan. Give us a call so you can enjoy your beautiful garden all year long.

How Ant Infestations Start On Oceanside Properties

When ant infestations happen in a home, they can quickly become overwhelming because ant colonies are typically quite extensive. However, you can keep an infestation from occurring by understanding how they begin in the first place.

There are a few factors that can attract this pest to your home:


Ants will eat just about anything, particularly sugar, which you find in the many foods we eat. Anything from crumbs, pet food, poorly secured garbage, and food packaging can attract ants to your property and home.  


Ants prefer damp areas, and your home can provide this if there are leaks, ventilation issues, or moisture build-up.


Ants are tiny pests, so they don't need much space to squeeze through to get into a home. Commonly, cracks in the foundation, gaps around utility lines, and damaged screens allow ants to make their way inside as they search for food.

Ant control can is easy when you partner with Habitat Protection. Our residential services offer the treatments and methods you need for an ant-free home. Give us a call today!

Oceanside Pest Control Pros On Bed Bug Treatments

Unless you have previously dealt with a bed bug problem, you may not know that this pest is not an easy one to eliminate. These parasitic pests don't only remain near beds and sleeping areas, although these are their preferred locations for feeding. Bed bugs can spread throughout a home, getting into electrical outlets, furniture joints, appliances, behind wallpaper, and just about any other crevice available.

Since bed bugs pose a challenge, you will thank yourself for calling pros for assistance rather than trying to eliminate them on your own. 

Oceanside residents can rely on Habitat Protection for their bed bug control needs. We use an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach, which provides a customized solution based on your home's specific environment and the pests you are experiencing. To achieve this, we inspect, sometimes using specialty-trained dogs that can detect bed bugs.

With three different treatments available, dust, heat, and residual spray, we have something that works for you.

Contact Habitat Protection today for a free quote.

Why Spiders Invade Oceanside Homes During The Summer

Spiders are predators, so they feed on other insects, which is beneficial to us because they help to keep pest populations under control. However, it may not seem significant when you see spiders in your home, as they are some of the most feared pests.

It's not uncommon to see an uptick in spiders around your home as the weather warms. Other pest populations are also more active during this time of year, so spiders have plenty more food options. 

If you see spiders in your home, it's likely because there are also other pests in your home. Whether this is your current experience or you want to prevent it from occurring, you can work with our certified technicians at Habitat Protection for pest prevention and control. 

We initiate our fully customizable home pest control services with a complete inspection of the interior and exterior of your home to identify current pest pressures and the conditions that cause them.

After the inspection, we will implement the necessary treatments for your home and needs. We can assist you if your preference is a quick solution or ongoing services. For continuous protection, we will set up a plan for scheduled visits that are right for you. 

Our residential pest services will help keep prey pests and spiders under control, so call Habitat Protection today to get started. 

Protect Your Oceanside Home From Termites Before It's Too Late

After termites do costly damage to a property, it is too late to for the beneficial professional services you needed to protect your home.But, it's never too early to start working with licensed termite control experts for prevention!

At Habitat Protection, we offer residential pest control for termites that make your property a less conducive environment for this pest and prevent them before they can infest. We do this using the following methods:

  • Bait stations that are strategically placed around your home and provide continuous monitoring
  • Eco-friendly borate or foam treatments injected into structural wood
  • Pre-construction services to prevent termites 
  • “Trench & Treat” applications to treat the soil around the foundation

We also provide termite repair services for temrite damage and Wood Destroying Organisms (WDO) inspections and reports for lenders.

Please don't wait any longer; call us at Habitat Protection today to set up an inspection with one of our certified technicians to keep your home protected from termites. 

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