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Despite being a census-designated place (and not a city), Spring Valley, CA, is known for being the home of many notable football players and motorcycle racers. With a population of just under 30,000 residents, Spring Valley offers a great school system and close proximity to the bigger, surrounding cities, making it an ideal place to live and work. In fact, as more people have realized this, East County pest control needs have risen because pests always follow when more people flock together. Read on to learn how Habitat Protection, Inc can help Spring Valley residents and business owners be pest-free today!

Residential Pest Control In Spring Valley

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Residential pest control is essential for Spring Valley homeowners. There are dozens of pests local to the area, and as the human population here grows, pest populations will grow as well, forcing them to be in even closer quarters with humans. At Habitat Protection, Inc, we specialize in identifying, exterminating, and preventing pest infestations in Spring Valley homes, regardless of the type. When you partner with us for your residential pest control needs, you are guaranteed:

  • A treatment plan tailored to fit your exact needs.
  • Environmentally conscious treatments and products.
  • Integrated Pest Management methods take your entire home into account to eliminate and prevent new infestations.

Habitat Protection has nearly 40 years of pest control experience here in Spring Valley. We pride ourselves on our thorough, proven, and efficient methods to eliminate entire infestations and keep them from coming back. If you are looking for complete pest protection for your home, call us today!

Commercial Pest Control In Spring Valley

Because Spring Valley and the surrounding areas are growing in popularity, a pest infestation in your place of business is virtually inevitable. Habitat Protection is on standby when they invade, ready to assist with our comprehensive commercial pest control services. We serve the following types of Spring Valley establishments:

  • Educational
  • Healthcare
  • Homeowners Associations
  • Warehouses
  • Property Management
  • Restaurants

Habitat Protection's commercial pest control services are just as thorough and effective as our residential services. We understand that having a pest infestation hinders business, potentially harms your employees and patrons, and can put your reputation in a tricky situation. At Habitat Protection, we treat your problem with the urgency and efficiency it deserves. If you are worried about your business, don't wait. Give us a call today!

Now Is The Time To Protect Your Spring Valley Home From Termites

Signs of termites are incredibly hard to spot, especially to the untrained eye. That's why it's so important to schedule a professional termite inspection and treatment of your home before the termite season officially kicks off. At Habitat Protection, we specialize in treating homes for termites, whether to prevent them or exterminate an existing colony.

If you are worried about your home, below are some of the most common signs for termites to look out for:

  • Squeaky floorboards: Most floorboards will creak when we walk across them; however, if you notice that they seem excessively squeaky, this could indicate that you have a termite infestation.
  • Stuck windows and doors: If you suddenly find yourself struggling to open or close windows and doors in your home, this could also indicate the presence of termites.
  • Droppings: As termites chew through wood, they will create pinpoint holes in your drywall and wooden boards to kick out their excrement, meaning you will find their droppings around your house. They tend to resemble pepper kernels.

Spring is the best time to schedule a termite inspection and prevention treatment. Let Habitat Protection protect your habitat — your home — by preparing it for these sneaky invaders. Give us a call today!

Identifying Gopher Problems On Your Spring Valley Property

You're likely aware of the gophers if you're a Spring Valley home or business owner. While they may be cute to some, effective gopher control is essential for anyone wanting to maintain a nice lawn and yard.

Below are some signs you have a gopher problem:

  • Dirt mounds: Gophers are notorious for digging. If you are finding large mounds of dirt in your yard, this could be a sign that gophers are at work. 
  • Damaged vegetation: Whether the damage is on your bushes or plants in your garden, you will find they have been nibbled or flat-out destroyed. Because gophers are much larger than other rodents, damage from gophers is much more noticeable.

If you are looking for efficient gopher control, Habitat Protection is at your service. Armed with the tools and know-how to prevent and exterminate these pests, the pest control professionals here at Habitat Protection will free your yard of gophers in no time. Give us a call today!

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