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Conveniently located a moderate distance from the populous area of San Diego, Temecula offers residents a more suburban respite from the bustle of city life. The town has plenty of amenities to attract residents, but, unfortunately, these amenities can attract scavenging insects and rodents.

Riverside County pest control provided by Habitat Protection should be your first stop in treating pest infestations around your area home or business. Our team of experienced service professionals will no doubt be able to tailor pest control solutions to your need and ensure to take care of any infestation.

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Residential Pest Control In Temecula

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Temecula residents must keep their homes safe from pests and the dangers they bring, such as property damage or health risks. Our team at Habitat Protection knows how important ensuring your loved ones’ safety is, so we offer completely customizable and effective residential pest control solutions.

Our plans begin with an in-depth inspection of your property that allows us to narrow down active pest issues or conditions that may encourage infestation. We base our treatment approaches on this inspection and always use eco-friendly products that are safe for your pets and family. Plus, we can schedule follow-up treatments to ensure your home stays safe from pests no matter what.

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Commercial Pest Control In Temecula

Your business maintaining a pest-free status is no doubt a priority, but this can be a difficult task to manage while focusing on your commercial property operations. To help you out, our service providers can assist you with a customized commercial pest control plan that is perfectly tailored to your property’s needs and works to eradicate any active pest infestation while being formatted to deter future pest issues.

Each commercial treatment plan starts with an inspection and discussion of your business’s needs. We craft a treatment schedule and eliminate pests or implement prevention strategies. Our years of experience servicing all types of commercial properties will help us ensure that your business stays pest-free year-round and that you can maintain high standards.

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Are Ants Around My Temecula Home Dangerous?

Ants may be small insects, but they can be dangerous, especially if an infestation is widespread and growing out of control. Any species of ants you encounter around your Temecula homes, such as Argentine ants, carpenter ants, theft ants, and red imported fire ants, can cause destruction or health risks, making an infestation particularly dangerous.

Every ant species will walk through outdoor areas before entering your home; their outdoor activities may take them through areas filled with waste and rotting food as they scavenge. In these unsavory areas, the ants will pick up bacteria and pathogens and then transfer these to your food storage areas or the surfaces of your home, increasing the chances of illness.

Additionally, ants that invade your home, such as carpenter ants, will chew away at wood and leave it hollow, creating a risk of structural collapse. All ants can also bite those in your home, triggering allergic reactions or other medical problems (red imported fire ants are the most well-known for this). 

To avoid the dangers of an ant infestation, you should contact Habitat Protection for stress-free removal at the first sign of this pest around your home.

Squirrels In Temecula! Cute Cuddly Critters Or Destructive Rodents?

While many Temecula residents may think squirrels are cute and cuddly, this pest can be problematic if invading your property. Squirrels are rodents, and even though they can be fun to watch from a distance, infestations of this pest are often fraught with danger, much like all other infestations of rodents.

Squirrels leave an incredible amount of destruction behind in properties. They are chewing and gnawing almost constantly. They will have no problem chewing through wood, plumbing areas, or electrical wiring; this causes a need for expensive repairs and can even cause a risk of water damage and electrical fires as they gnaw.

Furthermore, squirrels nesting around your property’s interior will leave behind urine and feces, creating unpleasant smells and exposing those on your property to disease. These illnesses, such as tularemia, typhus, and ringworm, can be acquired from squirrel droppings or interactions with squirrels.

These destructive elements certainly outweigh how cute a squirrel may be and inspire the need for professional rodent control and removal. At Habitat Protection, our expert service providers can help you with this task and control any squirrel problem you may be experiencing.

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