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Effective Pest Management Solutions In Vista, CA

Incorporated in 1963, the city of Vista, CA is located about 120 miles south of Los Angeles, and 20 miles north of the Mexican border. We also enjoy a close proximity to scenic beachesas we’re about 15 miles inland from the Pacific Ocean. As beautiful as it is here in Vista, there are some ugly truths to keep in mind, and one of them is the threat of pest infestation. All year long, Vista homes and businesses are at risk for pest infestation, and that’s why we’re here to protect you.

Here at Habitat Protection, we are dedicated to providing superior services using the latest in pest technology. Our family owned and operated company was founded over 30 years ago, and we’re confident in our ability to bring you quality San Diego County pest control that lasts.

Not only do we utilize trusted IPM (Integrated Pest Management) strategies, but we also offer natural products that are environmentally friendly and safe for you and your loved ones. Over the years, we have evolved in technology, equipment and education, and our continued goal has always been to bring our customers the highest level of satisfaction possible. Call today to schedule your free pest inspection. 

Residential Pest Control In Vista, CA

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The team at Habitat Protection has serviced over 850 homes with complete residential pest control solutions. Our process is thorough and involves the following:


  • Exterior inspection, all the way from the eaves to the base of the building
  • Looking for and determining all entry points and problem areas
  • Interior inspection of kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms and living room areas
  • Making recommendations and offering costs to effectively tackle the infestation


  • Customized treatments and recommended services to meet your needs
  • Installing rodent bait stations and monitoring them as needed
  • Developing a pest management program to control certain pest problems with focus on safety


  • Determining customer needs and wants for the future 
  • Monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly follow-up services

In addition to our general pest control solutions, we also provide additional home services for squirrels and flies. Call today to discuss your home pest control needs.

Commercial Pest Control In Vista, CA

Our commercial pest control services are catered to meet the needs of your specific business. We’ve serviced around 500 local businesses over the years, working with all types of facilities such as restaurants, hospitals, property management, apartment complexes, military properties, and warehouses. Call us today to learn more about our commercial pest treatments and how we can help your business stay protected from infestation.

Identifying Gopher Problems On Your Vista Property

Gophers are active all year long and they can be very difficult to get rid of. Gophers are known for destroying lawns. They can cause a lot of damage to your yard by digging tunnels underground, burrowing into the dirt to travel from one place to the next. They also feed on vegetation until you’re left with nothing but an ugly, brown lawn.

To identify gopher problems on your Vista property, there are some things to keep an eye out for. If you’re seeing horseshoe-shaped mounds of dirt, or noticeable damage to plants and vegetation, you may have a gopher problem on your hands. Eliminating gophers from your property is almost impossible to do on your own, and that’s why we suggest getting help from the pest professionals.

Here at Habitat Protection, we provide comprehensive gopher control services that protect your property from infestation. Not only do we provide the complete detection and removal of gopher activity, but we implement the necessary modification around your property to make sure they don’t return in the future. Call us today to speak to one of our pest experts about your gopher problems. We’re here to help.

What To Do About Bees On Your Vista Property

Getting stung by a bee is obviously something all of us want to avoid. In fact, for those with allergies, bee stings can even be a fata occurrence. If you want to protect yourself from bees, it’s important the take precautionary measures to prevent their presence. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Avoid planting large flowers or cultivating a garden too close to your home.
  • Block off access points such as cracks, crevices, or chips in the structure.
  • Close gaps around the foundation and siding of the structure.
  • Don’t leave out any prepared food as exposed food sources attract bees.
  • Eliminate outdoor clutter to deter bees from nesting around your yard.
  • Get rid of piles of leaves or brush that is laying around your yard. 
  • Place peppermint plants around your property as bees dislike this scent.
  • Remove all nests and honeycomb present on the property.
  • Seal potential entry points with caulk or using metal screens.

These tips can all be helpful, but the best and most effective way to avoid bees is to secure professional pest control services. Habitat Protection offers quality stinging insect control you can count on. Reach out to us today to discuss your bee control and prevention needs.

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