Why You Should Call The Pros About Mice In Your San Diego Home

How To Identify A Mouse Infestation In Your Home

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Do you think you have mice in your home? Have you heard the sound of creatures moving inside your walls and think that there are mice climbing up and down in your wall voids? Are you wondering if you should call San Diego pest control? If so, then you've come to the right place. Join us as we look at how to identify a mouse infestation in your San Diego home, discuss the health risks, and talk about how to choose the right solution to address your mouse infestation—if you have one.

The first thing you need to do is figure out if you have mice in your home. Here are a few of our best suggestions:

  • Look for mice. Seeing a mouse is an obvious sign that you have a mouse infestation. You may be able to see a mouse if you check places mice tend to be. You may find mice in attic spaces, storage rooms, drop-down ceiling voids, accessible wall voids, cabinet voids, and behind appliances.
  • Look for mouse droppings. If you have mice, there are likely to be black droppings in the dark voids, nooks, crannies, and hiding places in your home.
  • Look for holes. Mice often chew holes in weatherstripping and door sweeps to get inside. Mice may chew holes in baseboards or sheetrock to move from wall voids to common areas. Mice can chew holes in stored furniture and then nest inside. You might find holes in the packaging of stored foods.
  • Use your nose to detect a scent of urine. Wild mice don't go outside to use the restroom. If you have a mouse infestation, the mice in your home will leave lots of tiny droplets of urine in the areas they explore. The more mice you have, the more noticeable the smell.

If you find mice in your home, the next step is to evaluate the risk. One way mice present a risk is that they damage property. It is also a risk to have mice chewing wires in your walls. Mice can cause a house fire by chewing on the wrong wire. But the more common threat mice present is their ability to make you sick.

You Don't Have To Touch Mice For Them To Make You Sick

When mice explore your home, they crawl on surfaces and get into areas where food, dishes, and silverware are stored. They contaminate these areas simply by their presence. Mice pick up harmful bacteria, parasitic worms, and other microorganisms in their travels. It is essential to address mouse problems as soon as you notice them.

Why DIY Mouse Control Is A Waste Of Time & Money

If you attempt to get rid of mice on your own, there are many ways you can get undesirable results. Here are just a few examples.

  • Mice can avoid your traps because you touch the traps when you set them. These tiny rodents have a powerful sense of smell.
  • Mice may reject your traps because you use an incorrect bait.
  • Mice can get spooked by improperly set traps and become trap shy, making them more difficult to capture. This can increase the cost of getting rid of mice.
  • Mice can get caught in a trap and chew a limb off to escape. Not only is this harmful to the mouse, but it also creates the potential for that mouse to die inside a wall void and cost you time and money finding the source of the smell.
  • You can catch a mouse or two and think you've solved your problem, when you actually haven't. An effective mouse control strategy needs to have inspections and evaluations to make sure all mouse activity has been arrested. If it hasn't, mice can continue to make you sick and damage your property.

Catching mice can be a challenge. You can spend money on control products and do the hard work of applying the products only to turn around and pay for professional mouse control. It is much better to pay once and get the results you want.

Contact The Pros At The First Sign Of Mice In Your Home

If you live in San Diego, reach out to Habitat Protection Inc. for mouse control options. We provide a list of control options including trapping, baiting, fertility control, sanitation services, exclusions, and installation of pest control insulation. We can guide you toward the right solution for your specific mouse control problem and give you all of the services needed. We also provide year-round pest control that can help you keep future mouse infestations from occurring. Reach out to us today to learn more or to schedule an inspection. We look forward to helping you rid your home of unwanted mice.

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